Great trip so far…flight was smooth, I slept for most of it, and the food was better than I had expected. Chicken with mushroom sauce beats pretzels and peanuts. The Delhi airport was quite  impressive: a welcome message written in sign language with giant hands adorned the customs lobby. The drive from the airport to our hotel was like nothing I have ever encountered. Lanes seem optional while horns are standard, and the freeway butts up against more residential areas–with no barriers. Our accommodations are quite nice, with comfortable beds, a decorative garden on the roof, and even a Carrom board and reading room (though the materials are well-used). RIght now, the primary concern is remembering that the water is not the best–after instinctively wetting my toothbrush at the tap, I was forced to reconsider, wash, and try again with bottled. I look forward to seeing Delhi in the daytime tomorrow.

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