Hyderabad at last…

Early this morning, we packed up and left New Delhi for Hyderabad (through Mumbai, which was cool to spy on from the plane). Right away we could see the difference; when we heard the other day that Delhi was spread out and Hyderabad and Mumbai were tall, I didn’t think the difference would be that noticeable.

Stepping outside the airport in Hyderabad we felt the warmth of the 10 degree difference (Celsius, of course). All piled into a bus, we drove down the new highway that is used mostly for transport to and from the airport. The roads were clear, the sky was blue, and for the first time since we got to India, we could see far into the distance. The technology city spread out in all directions. People, cows, dogs lined the sides of the roads. Construction of new style buildings mixed in with traditional style older buildings, and the vibrant colors of India spanned out decorating the whole city.

We got to our very pretty hotel, the Minerva Grand, and got to our large window with a great view of the city in time to see the fiery orange and golden yellow, with cooling indigo as the sun set. We quickly got ready for the “banquet” we hosted here at the hotel where many of us got to meet our managers/supervisors of the coming weeks for the first time–a set of very wonderful, pleasant, and impressive people. Last minute plans to prepare for our first day of work tomorrow closed our night, and I (along with all the others, I’m sure) eagerly await to see what new learning experiences and opportunities for ministry our internships will bring.

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One Response to Hyderabad at last…

  1. Miriam Maldonado says:

    We are following your journey, and through your descriptions we can see through your eyes! Keep writing!

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