Muslims, Christians and Hindus

We visited Jama Masjid (the main mosque in central Delhi) and the Red Fort.  These were built by Shah Jahan, one of the mogul emporers that ruled India in the 1500’s.  He also built the Taj Mahal as a tomb for his wife.  We learned that India was ruled by Muslims for about 600 years and then was ruled by the British (Christians) for about 100 years.  Finally, partly due to Gandhi, India (which is mostly Hindu) became self ruled about 60 years ago.  So these three religion are an important part of India’s history.  Today the vast majority of Indians are Hindu, followed by quite a few Muslims and a tiny but growing fraction of Christians.  Today we read an article from Christianity Today about Christians in India, which highlighted that a lot of Christians in India are from the poorer/lower castes.

At Jama Masjid with some new friends we met. The women had to cover up. No shoes allowed.

Calvin College at the Red Fort

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