The high dive

This morning thirteen Calvin College students got in taxis and went to work in eight Indian companies.  At our little gathering before the send-off I thanked the students for being risk takers.  It would be much easier and less risky to swim in the shallow end of the pool, where you can touch the bottom and splash around with your friends.  In other words, we could have all stayed together and visited each of the eight companies as a group for a few hours, and called it a good learning experience.  But none of that for this group.  The students walked over to the deep end of the pool, climbed up on the high dive and dove right in.  I expect to see some beautiful dives this week and next.  Perhaps preceded by a belly flop or two.  Hopefully nothing too painful.  But like they say… no pain, no gain.

We have been praying for God’s grace and protection every day.  Please join us.

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One Response to The high dive

  1. Claudia Beversluis says:

    Thanks for your faithful blogging – it is so good to see what you are up to! We wish all the students the best in their work assignments and continue to pray for your safety, growth, and delight!

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