Called to Business

For the past two days we have been experiencing the vibrant city of Hyderabad while starting our internships with many different companies. From talking with different students on this trip, and seeing God work through many different people to help bring us here to Hyderabad, it is evident that God has called each of us to see how he is moving in this city through business leaders.

Two words that keeps coming up in conversation with others are sustainability and service.  By having the social concern of economic development, in a growing but still poor community of Hyderabad, Christians can shine the light of Christ through employing the unemployed, and create an opportunity for economic growth to those who desperately need it. This creates a sustainable lifestyle to many people who did not have the opportunity before. In addition to creating sustainability in the community, Christians can operate their companies in ways that better serve the community and each other. One example of this is seen through one student’s internship where the business owner gives a percentage of his monthly profit to missions work in Africa. This Christian businessman not only has created sustainable jobs to many individuals who work for him, but also serves the body of Christ in giving up a part of what he earns to help his fellow brother in a tangible way.

My eyes have been opened to the mission of what God has called many businessmen and businesswomen to do here in Hyderabad. I am looking forward to hearing more stories and understanding more of what I can do to do my part of God’s plan through business leaders.

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