Pineapple Juice > Gray

Yesterday morning (Monday) got off to a rough start. I headed downstairs for breakfast, and, as always, was very impressed with the spread. After scooping, plopping, or simply spooning nearly one of everything onto my plate, I found some “fresh pineapple juice”. I should have known it was too good to be true, but I opted to wash down my vada with 3 glasses of juice, much to the chagrin of Mrs Van Drunen. The juice was most likely watered down with tap water, and the merciless teasing and queasy stomach I received as a result of its consumption were sufficient deterrents to repeat my mistake at subsequent meals.


After breakfast, all 13 of us piled into 3 cars and headed to our respective internships. I was eager to begin the ‘meat and potatoes’ portion of the trip, since the opportunity to engage with a company using Business as Mission was my impetus for visiting India. After a brief but slightly harrowing ride (extreme honking, toxic fumes and close calls come standard with any/all ventures into Indian traffic), I arrived at the nondescript building which houses Olive Technology. But what they lack in exterior pizzazz, they make up for in both intensity and enthusiasm. 


Following a brief wait at the front desk, I met up with Ravi, a HR manager at Olive. Ravi is a sharp leader with penchant for jokes and fondness for feature films. He gave Brad and me an overview of the company’s history and vision before calling in an associate who presented an expanded version via Powerpoint. Following the detailed introduction to the company, its history, objectives and hierarchy, we met with Vijay Burton, Senior Operations Manager. He interviewed us in an expansive conference room, and Brad and I quickly picked up on his no-nonsense style of questioning.

We made the cut and were given projects that dovetailed nicely with our past experience. Later in the day we were given ID badges that doubled as swipe-cards. I felt bad nagging the programmers to enter and exit rooms, but once I received my badge, I was able to access Olive’s facilities without bothering other employees. Olive certainly runs a tight ship! (I’ll follow up this post with specific B-A-M details tomorrow)

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  1. jss26 says:

    Pineapple Juice 1 Jon 0

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