Snake Charmer

Last Saturday, after visiting, the Jama Masjid, the markets at Chandi Chowk, and the Red Fort we were unsurprisingly famished. Our tour guide brought us to a popular restaurant he knew about where he assured us that he could get us a table in no time. During the twenty minute wait for seating that followed, we observed a snake charmer who would begin to play his flute for his snake, but the minute he saw us watching he would cover the snake up again. We were intrigued, but could not leave our place near the restaurant because we knew that we would lose our position in the queue. An hour later, as we left the restaurant, the old snake charmer was still seated near the fountain. A number of people threw in a few rupees each and soon we had enough to pay the aged man. He was not content to just have us watch, but wanted participants. Myself and James took the challenge and were given one snake to hold while he charmed an Indian Cobra right in front of our eyes, and next to our eyes.

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