Make Yourself at Home

Let me just start out by saying if you are at all allergic to dust, you may want to think twice about a trip to Hyderabad. Much of the city seems to be covered in a layer of dust that often gets swept up through the air thanks in part to the often unpredictable drivers. After taking a quick stroll outside, I often look down to see that my shoes turn a new sandy shade. Even with all the sniffles and sneezes that have resulted, I don’t regret my decision to be here one bit.

I have worked at my internship for less than a week now, but I already feel at home. Every day upon my arrival, my coworkers ask me what new experiences I had the night before as well as add their personal suggestions of what else I should try and where I need to visit next. These inquiries often result in my coworkers offering to personally escort me around the town to fulfill their suggestions.  Everyone has been extremely hospitable. It has been a blessing to see how accepting they all are of someone with a completely different background, race, and religion.

I work at a company called Intense Technologies.  It is a software products company focused on simplifying customer communication, document management, and business process automation. The majority of my time with the company has been spent learning about each of the products they offer.

Most of the other students in the group were set up with a Christian manager to learn about how business as a mission works in India. At my internship, however, the owner and my manager are both Hindu. Though the setup may  different than the others, I have still been able to learn a lot in the context of our trip. I am very excited to continue learning through the rest of my internship and through the rest of my time in India.

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