On Saturday, we broke into two groups and my group went into the countryside to go hiking. At the hiking site, we drew confused stares from the local farmers as a bunch of white guys hopped out of vans and started walking down a goat path. This path led us by a large rock outcropping capped with a water tower that we decided to climb up.


As we drew closer, we hit a fork in the road. Grey arbitrarily started walking down the left path – a pivotal decision setting up the next few hours. We trekked down the path for 15 minutes or so, observing farmers with goats living much the same as people have for millennia. After a bit, we decided that the path just circles the outcropping (not true) and that we would have to just climb the rocks to get to the top.

We scrambled about halfway up the face, getting nicked and scraped along the way, until we reached a point with no clear way to the top. Brad discovered that we could get to the top by sliding underneath an outcrop, right at the edge of the cliff, and with no other options we followed. At the top we observed a brick factory making bricks in the same way that mankind has for thousands of years.

We then had to determine how to get to the water-tower which was across a chasm from the outcrop where we found ourselves. With no other option, we jumped the chasm. We then made our way to the water tower which looked like it had been abandoned for many years. There was a ladder going up which looked utterly unsafe, so I climbed right up. Once at the top, I realized that the ladder was only attached by a sliver of metal, and so decided to carefully come down.

From the tower, we found a path down and 15 minutes later were at the bottom – on the right side fork. Image.

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