Yesterday the entire group took a trip out to the Aliens Space Station. Aliens Group is the company that I intern for. They are doing some amazing things with real estate in the city of Hyderabad. They are creating what they call Space Station 1 which is a complex that has 30 stories filled with over 2200 flats. All of these flats are being installed with the latest technology and they are advertising it as smart living. If you were to live there you could access all of the appliances from the internet and control them from anywhere. There are no keys for the doors because everything has biometric scanners so all you would need is your finger to get into the door. There is also a commercial sector complete with everything that anyone could possibly need. Finally there is a full sports complex including a regulation NBA sized basketball court. I have to say that after looking at their website and their brochure the company appears to be doing some pretty ambitious work.

When the group first got to Aliens they showed us the presentation that they would first give to a customer who was interested in buying the product. It goes through the specifications of the project all the way down to how the structure is being built. Once we were finished with the presentation we made our way to the actual site which is located in Gachibowli, another city in India. We were able to go through the building that is currently under construction. We were showed around by our guide Peter, who is an employee of Aliens who works in the sales department. We were able to see three different types of flats in order to see what the difference was between them and could put an image with the prices we were given.

After the site visit we were done with our tour of Aliens, but they weren’t done teaching us things yet. This morning we were treated to a friendly game of cricket. Most of the people on the trip had wanted to join a pick-up game of cricket since we landed in India and saw people playing everywhere. Finally that wish came true when the marketing department at Aliens challenged us to a match. We showed up not really knowing how to play at all. Some of us had a little bit of an idea but we were pretty sure that we didn’t stand much of a chance. The first thing that they wanted to do was show us all how to bat using the paddle. I have played softball at Calvin for two years now, but that didn’t really help me too much when it came to hitting the ball. The swing was completely different but eventually we all began to get the hang of it. After we all got a chance to swing they explained all of the rules and then it was game time.

The first game was the Calvin Knights Cricket team again the Aliens team. We were not sure how well we would do, but in my opinion we were able to keep it a lot closer than expected. We did have issues keeping the balls on the field. We eventually ended up losing but we put up a great fight. The second game that we played we mixed the teams to make it a little more of a fair fight. This game was full of good plays by the students that got great reactions from the Aliens guys. The game came down to the last set of bowls (pitches) where the aliens team (as they were so named by the captain) pulled ahead of the predators (the other team name) for the win. Following the match was a time full of photos and a trophy ceremony for the winning team.  Overall it was a great day filled with people relaxing and having a great time.

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