If anyone had any sort of experience playing the game of cricket at all, they could have been an all star on our team today. Today one could have witnessed 13 Americans who have never played the game of cricket, step out on a field and attempt to play. From the start all of us were looking pretty raw. Swinging the cricket bat like a baseball bat, tennis racket, or golf club. I think it took us all a butt kicking from the Aliens Group team, which hosted the match, to get the hang of it. After the first match we mixed up the teams between our group and the aliens group. With one butt kicking from some locals and bananas for our halftime snack under our belts, the second game we all began to look like cricket players. Even showing signs of athleticism at times, making diving catches and having great at bats. The second game came down to throws, but even if the end result wasn’t what you wanted, everyone walked off that field with a smile.

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