Over the past few weeks there have been many things that have stood out to me. They could range from the interesting array of food to the intricate designs of the sites we have seen. But the one thing that stands out the most about this place is how PUMPED people are about the Lord. With having internships in Business as Mission companies, Christians are around us at our internships. They love the same Lord as I do, but something is just different about them. Almost everyone I have meet is just PUMPED about the Lord and every opportunity they get to talk about Him they do. For me, I know I will try my best in future situations to be as excited about the Lord as these Indians are and reach out to others just like them.

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One Response to PUMPED

  1. Dear Jonthan,
    We are so proud of you. Gramp and I really enjoy hearing about your time and learning experiences. How wonderful to know we have a Savior for everyone. We are praying for all of you.
    Love you MORE Gram and Gramp B.

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