Taking it 1 Day At A Time

My internship at Sholay Online has got me doing this, that, but never the same old thing. For example, today at Ross and I started training our coworkers for the client database we established using Access (quite the task). Next on our agenda was to figure out a way to simultaneously update the info so it will automatically transfer for every computer. Then it was finally an early lunch stop on our way to NSL (India’s number one seed industry company). Sholay has designed their website several years ago but they wanted the next bigger and better thing (making it pretty simple for us).

After speaking with their CEO and designer we left for Raha Mattresses to discuss a dynamic website that will act as a 100 salesmen.  This definitely made the CFO’s ear’s perk up; until the negotiation began of course. After the sale, we headed downstairs to see the factory of how to make a mattress.  This concluded our long day of work but not the long car ride as I triyyy to write this blog…

Upon arrival at the Minerva Grand we will head upstairs to have a group dinner with Selvakumar and Keziah Samuel to learn more about India’s economic growth and if Christianity plays a role. This is just one of the very, very few ways we’ve been learning about Business as Mission in India. One may think it’s just a perspective when you walk into the front door of your office, but it has become much more than that here in India.  And the best part is, it seems to be contagious with Christian managers.

As we conclude these last couple of days in our internship I wish that all the students could have the experience that Ross and I did at Sholay Online.  We’ve had the opportunity that showed us how to make a sale, create an entire database of past and future customers, generate sales reports, implement decision analysis, and countless more.

Until the next,

Matthew Mays

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