Frustrations Turned Into Opportunities

Our internships, which were the main part of our trip, are already done. For me, and I think for most people, the past two weeks have flown by. I had a little bit of a unique internship experience. I started at on company and after a couple days it was obvious that it was not going to work out. There happened to be a need for some extra help at another company, so I switched to the other company and worked there for the remaining days. The three days at my first company were rather frustrating. It was a medical transcription company, and I was sitting for ours listening to dictations from doctors and proof reading transcriptions that were already proofread. After a day this was beginning to seem pointless. I was not adding any value to the company, or learning anything. My second company was Sholay Online Solutions. They basically do anything that has to do with web design and web presence. There I was working, along with Matthew Mays, on developing a customer and sales database. Sudesh, the owner of Sholay Online, is really good at sales, but not quite so good at organizing and keeping track of customer accounts. As a result they have been having trouble keeping track of customers with outstanding accounts and collecting payments from them. Most of their information and documents were on paper, so hopefully the Microsoft Access database that we made for them is helpful in the future. As Matthews described in an earlier post Sudesh was very eager to teach us everything about selling websites, as well as Indian culture and business as mission. Looking back I see that the first company not working out was a positive opportunity to learn even more. I was able to see inside two Indian companies, as well as visit a few others during the transition.

Currently we are sitting the Mumbai Airport waiting for our flight, which has been delayed for a couple of hours due to fog and bad weather in Delhi. We left the hotel in Hyderabad early this morning for the full day of travel. Once we make it to Delhi we will have a very long bus ride to Jaipur. So hopefully this delay is not longer than the couple of hours they predicted when we arrived here in Mumbai. (two hours later) This delay has actually been a great opportunity to get a lot of work done. A lot of students are working on their paper/news article, which we have to write for this course. The extra time has given me the opportunity to write my blog post, as well as get caught up on my reading and journaling, and start my paper.


Written at 10:30 am Friday local time.

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