What we saw

We are sitting in the Delhi airport reflecting on what the past three weeks means. We had a final group dinner this evening at The Red Onion, during which we celebrated Matt’s 21st birthday, complete with chocolate cake and 21 candles! We also shared what we saw during our internships, particularly how faith informed business practice. Some saw business owners and managers treating employees and customers with a high degree of compassion and respect. Others saw business owners hire more workers than were perhaps necessary because they felt responsible to the employees. Some managers gave customers who were Christian nonprofit organizations a cut rate on services provided. One owner included donating a portion of profits to missions. Some students participated in a voluntary company Bible study most mornings, which included some seekers. Many felt that their managers were still working out many aspects of how to merge their faith with their business. Two interns worked in Hindu-owned business, and shared the Hindu theology of business they learned from their Hindu manager. We observed that most of the principles in Business as Mission are actually applicable to any Christian in business, especially a Christian business owner. We prayed for wisdom and guidance on this in future years and careers. Below you can see we are ready to fly to Chicago and the 21 year old in the airport. .



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  1. Many Happy Returns of the Matthew.

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